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Cocopah Emergency Management Goal: All Tribal Employees To Be Trained in First Aid/CPR

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“I feel confident I can assist someone if the need arises,” says Matt Smith.

    Eight Cocopah employees on Wednesday have now joined the ranks of 150 other staffers who are certified in First Aid and Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation or CPR.
     “I feel confident I can assist someone if the need arises,” said Matt Smith, who works as a Secretary for the Cocopah Human Resources Department.
     Smith was one of the students in Wednesday’s class, which was conducted by the Somerton/Cocopah Fire Department at the Somerton Public Safety building.
     “(This training) is important because now they have the knowledge. They can provide us with better information once we arrive on the scene,” said Capt. Javier Hernandez, who conducts the classes.
     Hernandez is also a paramedic. He’s been with the department for almost 14 years.
     Cocopah Emergency Manager Mike Fila says: “Our goal is to have all of our employees trained in how to take control in these emergency situations—not only at work but also in their personal lives.”
     The Cocopah Indian Tribe employs a combined total of more than 550 people in its government and business enterprises.
     The classes, which are eight hours long, include workbook and video instruction along with hands-on training to simulate real world emergencies.
    After completion of class which includes completing skills and a written test, students receive their certification cards from the American Heart Association.