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Cocopah Police Department Cadet Program Nearly Triples in Membership

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The Cocopah Police Department Cadet Program has nearly tripled in size within weeks of its establishment, from 13 cadets and more than 30.

“This youth outreach program is important to the community and the numbers prove we are making a positive impact,” said Cocopah Police Chief Stephen Johnson, adding: “These cadets are learning life skills that will serve them well into adulthood.”

The Cadet Program was established June 3, 2014, and is open to Cocopah boys and girls ages 6-14 as a way of getting involved with the police department and the community.

Cadets are volunteers and are required to attend weekly meetings and community events.

Earlier this week, 16 cadets went on a fishing trip at the West Wetlands Park. Other events this month included a visit to the Cocopah Speedway where 20 cadets got to watch a race, and on June 10th, about 35 cadets participated in swimming lessons at the Cocopah RV and Golf Resort.

Chief Johnson said he expects the program will continue to grow as more families become aware of what the cadet program has to offer.

“We’re striving to reach out to as many Cocopah families as possible, to encourage them to participate. It’s for everyone—children and their parents,” he said.
The Cadet program is also looking for chaperones, mentors and volunteers.

For more information, contact Officer Justin Keeling at: (928) 627-8857 or email: