Posted: Mar 28, 2019 News

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Posted: Jan 30, 2019 News

Cocopah Elder Will Bert Ortega Sr. reflects on that championship season more than 50 years when the Kofa Kings High School football team won the state championship.

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Posted: Jan 16, 2019 News

Cocopah Speedway's new  General Manager Benji Lyons announced racing will return to the track on Feb. 22-23 with the Winter Nationals.

Lyons made the announcement at a meet and greet press conference that was held Tuesday night at the Cocopah Wild River Family Entertainment Center.

Last week, the Cocopah Indian Tribe signed a three year lease agreement with Lyons who will oversee all track operations.

"Working with the Tribe has been perfect...from everything that I asked for...they are behind this deal as much as anybody...I want you to know how important that place (Speedway) is to the Tribe," Lyons said at the press conference.

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Posted: Nov 19, 2018 News

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